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Cleveland ARTCC is one of the 20 contiguous ARTCCs represented in the VATUSA Division of the VATSIM Network. We are home to the smallest en-route facility by area, but effectively work a wealth of traffic from our variety of different fields in our airspace ranging from our more popular airports: Detroit (DTW), Cleveland (CLE), and Pittsburgh (PIT); to smaller fields such as Clarksburg (CKB) or Arnold Palmer Regional (LBE). Our airspace is designed with many details in mind with our re-designed airspace in the Detroit TRACON (D21) and Cleveland TRACON in which we utilize Area Navigation (RNAV) routes to bring a wealth of traffic into and out of our terminal airspace. In addition to being home to a variety of IFR and VFR traffic whom transit our connected terminal airspace, ZOB is proud to be home to one of the most complex enroute airspaces in the NAS serving our surrounding New York (ZNY), Chicago (ZAU), Boston (ZBW), Washington (ZDC), Toronto (ZYZ), Minneapolis (ZMP), and Indianapolis (ZID) ARTCCs/FIRs. Our intra- and inter-facility traffic provides a challenge for controllers across all rating, and a wealth of opportunities for pilots to depart, arrive, and transition our terminal and en-route airspace.

In addition to being home to one the smallest and one of the most complex airspaces in the CONUS, vZOB is home to a fantastic group of students and controllers who are the key to ensuring the safe, expeditious, and orderly flow of traffic throughout our airspace. The vZOB ARTCC is a perfect place for all new students and returning controllers to call home with a great supportive community alongside a well-structured staff team which support frequent events, facility file management, website development, policy creation, and the management of the training department and learning center. Our training department at the Cleveland ARTCC provides a wealth of both knowledge and practice through our Learning Center (providing resources such as CBTs, exams, and our Flight Data Practice System) in addition to a challenging and structured practical training environment which progresses students through Akron-Canton (CAK), Buffalo (BUF), Cleveland (CLE), and eventually to our Major Field: Detroit (DTW/D21). Students have the ability to progress alongside eachother and grow as controllers through the guided education from our dedicated team of mentors, instructors, and staff members who volunteer time to develop students into a successful and always learning controller and member of our community.

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