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ZHU Mutal Visitng LOA

Date: 05/01/2018

Time: No time listed.

Additional Information:

Cleveland ARTCC (ZOB) is proud to announce a new visiting LOA with the Houston ARTCC (ZHU). Between facilities, controllers now have automatic visiting rights with automatic minor certifications. No monthly activity requirement is in effect. If you would like to receive a major certification at ZHU, please submit a visiting application and request training with the local staff.

Letter of Agreement:
ZHU Controller Documents:
ZHU TeamSpeak Server: (no password)

We hope this visiting LOA will allow ZOB controllers to be better connected to other ARTCCs, share controller best practices, try out new airspaces, and overall, create a bigger community within VATUSA. If you have any questions, please reach out to ZOB or ZHU staff.

Little reminder: as of now we have minor visiting LOAs with ZID (Indianapolis), ZJX (Jacksonville) and ZHU (Houston).

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