LOA Application

Any member who will be unable to meet activity requirements may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) by completing a LOA request form on ZOB’s website.

The minimum length for a LOA is 30 days and the maximum length is 90 days..

A controller may request a LOA extension by making application to the ATM or DATM via the LOA request form on ZOB’s website. This extension may not exceed 90 days.

Controllers in active duty military/armed forces will be permitted up to 24 months of LOA for military related deployments or duties. Returning military personnel will be required to complete a checkout with the TA or Instructor upon return.

If a controller on LOA logs into the network to control it will automatically end their LOA with ZOB and they will need to email the ATM or DATM asking to reopen the LOA should it be necessary