ZOB is currently seeking a new Facilities Engineer (FE).

Job Description:
- Reports directly to the Air Traffic Manager.
- Advises ATM and senior staff on on technical isues.
-Creates, maintains and updates ZOB sector files, vAtis config files, POF files, alias files, SOP's, LOA's, and related materials.

Minimum qualifications:

- S3 or higher rating.
- Must be in good standing at home ARTCC.
- No major disciplinary issues in past 6 months.
- Ability to perform all aspects of job description and appropriate knowledge base or ability for self-directed learning.

Desired Qualifications:

- Prior experience as a Facility Engineer
- Prior experience maintaining VRC sector files

Interested candidates are encouraged to email atm@clevelandcenter.org with the following:

- Name
- Current rating
- A short statement of your interest in the position and your qualifications.
- Short summary of any prior experience or resume.
- Letter of recommendation from ATM or DATM at your current ARTCC (if not a ZOB home controller).

Eligible candidates will be contacted via email for an interview.
Priority will be given to ZOB home controllers.