We are happy to welcome Amin Abrahem as ZOB's new Events Coordinator!

Alex Kendzior, who has been on staff with us for quite some time, had to step down due to time constraints but has been instrumental in assisting Amin get up to speed. We thank Alex for his hard work in helping to MAKE ZOB GREAT AGAIN!

Amin has been with us as a Mentor and a senior controller after transferring from ZNY last year. Amin brings to the table a gusto that we hope to see flourish and generate renewed interest and hype for the ARTCC.

Please note that Amin has already put forward some information and requests for input that can be found in the ZOB Teamspeak Briefing Room channel. I would ask all controllers to take a look.

Welcome Amin!

Charles Messina

ATM - Cleveland Center