Team ZOB,

As you already know, we currently have a TeamSpeak server which is mainly used to interact with other members via voice. However, since different members are online at different times, we're excited to introduce an additional way to communicate with each other, Discord.

Our new Discord server will only be used as a text communication platform, meaning all voice interactions will continue on our TeamSpeak server. Think of Discord as a modernized forum to interact with other members, ask questions, and our main tool to make events/AIRAC update announcements.

I'm asking all ZOB members to join our Discord server since all main announcements will now be done there. If you do not have Discord installed you can find it at (under downloads in the menu bar). There’s also a free mobile app available to download.

To join our new discord server you'll need an invite link, which can be found by signing in on our website and navigating 'My ZOB' --> 'Teamspeak and Discord Info'.

Blue Skies!